Consulting & Training

We consult with clients in all areas of our expertise and we train groups of all sizes on the topics below - plus much more! With over forty years of experience - we have a lot to offer! 

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Consulting & Training

Apostolic Administration Training


Seminar on all aspects of apostolic administration: attributes, skill, anointing, knowledge , etc. needed to become an indispensable Aide-de-Camp. 

Leadership Principles Training


Learn the characteristics and principles needed to be an effective leader 

and how to work with World Changers.  

Basics of Small Business Startup


Why start a business? Where do you begin and what do you do next? Learn the process and pitfalls of a small business startup.

Diamonds Are Forever


 Everyone is Unique - like diamonds.  

Learn how to transform into an 

Indispensable, Highly-Valued Asset 

Like a Diamond that lasts Forever!

Knowing Your Purpose


Missing something in your life? We teach keys to Discover and Unlock your Purpose!  

Finding the missing piece will set you on the path to fulfill your destiny. 

4 Cs of Successful Communication


It's simple - but profound. We teach how to structure communications to reach the audience and compel action! 

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