Apostolic Administration

What is Apostolic Administration?

   This is a leadership gift given by God to assist apostolic leaders to strategically organize and develop ministries that will advance the Kingdom of God on earth.  I Corinthians 12:28 and Acts 6:4 note the Gift of Administration (leadership). 


   An Apostolic Administrator is a mature Christian servant-leader with the God-given Gift of Administration who is called and anointed to strategically develop, organize, manage, and advance the mission of apostolic leaders.  © 2018 Lynn Kishaba  


  The gift of Apostolic Administration showed in the lives of prominent people in the Bible such as Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah, Stephen, Phoebe, and many others. Moses needed Aaron and Hur to lift his arms so the battle would be won.  

Today, every apostolic leader needs a Joseph, Daniel, Stephen, or Phoebe-type of anointed and dedicated apostolic servant leader administrator.   

How do they Function?

   Apostolic administrators are leaders and seers full of wisdom, knowledge, skill, and grace who can strategically transform a mission vision into a reality.  They serve at the hub of every leader’s communication center – an essential part of the support backbone of every apostolic ministry.

What's the difference?

   There is a great difference between a secretary or assistant administrator and one who is called as an apostolic administrator. It is a gift from God revealed in His anointing, calling, and appointing on key people to serve apostolic leaders. (1 Cor. 12:28, Acts 6:1-7). 

Experience & Training

  Since the 1980s, God has called me to work with apostolic leaders, such as Apostle John P. Kelly and hundreds of others around the world to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. The wisdom and knowledge I gained and continue to gain from working with these leaders has enabled the Lord to use me to assist in the development and management of the largest Christian society of Apostolic Leaders in world – ICAL, the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders – www.icaleaders.com.

I offer live seminars where I teach on all the aspects of Apostolic Administration for leaders and administrators interested in having greater success advancing the Kingdom of God! 

I also offer a recorded seminar with 6 session available as a Download or Flash Drive - includes Seminar Workbook - see image above and contact me for purchase. 

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